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Regan promises quick move on Scottish currency

Ash Regan: best option

SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan has announced that if she becomes party leader she will back the adoption of a Scottish currency as fast as is practicable on achieving independence.

In one of the boldest moves of the campaign so far, she said she does not support setting tests before a currency is introduced.

She would immediately look into what steps can be taken within the powers of the Scottish Parliament to begin to build the infrastructure of a new currency.

“If I become the leader of the SNP I will certainly encourage the party to look again at its position on currency,” she said.

“I don’t believe a country can be truly independent if it is using another currency but has no say over how that currency is managed.”

However, she conceded that she would not “dictate to the party ” what the final position on this should be.

“But I will make clear that I think the best option for Scotland is for us to move as quickly as is practicable to our own currency. I also believe that if we prepare properly before we have a vote on Independence then the timescale for implementing a currency can be short.

“My view of this isn’t only informed by the economics, though I think the economics make clear that it is a foolhardy country which thinks it can prosper in the global economy without the backing of a powerful central bank.

“It is also informed by my belief that if we want the public to have the courage to choose independence then they must see us having the courage to do what it takes to make a successful nation. I don’t believe that continually deliberating about when we will get round to introducing our own currency shows that courage.”

Ms Regan has met with economist Dr Tim Rideout of the Scottish Currency Group to discuss the policy.

“It’s all about getting the brightest and best in the room – a lot of the ground work has been done, this is the power of our movement, that is what I set out to do,” she said.

Dr Rideout added:  “I attended the launch of Ash Regan’s campaign on Friday. I think the SNP membership and the Scottish Currency Group will love her currency policy. It will be just what is needed to get the Indy case moving forward.”

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