Factory saved

Mortons ready to roll after consortium steps in

Mortons saved

Mortons Rolls will restart production on Sunday after the 58-year-old firm was saved from closure by a consortium of investors..

About 110 workers, half of the previous workforce, have been recalled to the Drumchapel factory.

The plant ceased production suddenly on 3 March and a provisional liquidator was appointed.

A number of investors entered negotiations with HMRC, administrators and the Scottish Government with a view to ensuring that the business can continue trading.

The consortium PVL who are being represented by John McIlvogue have now taken ownership and control of the company’s assets, and say they are confident that they will be able to turn its fortunes around.

Mr McIlvogue expressed gratitude to Labour MSP Paul Sweeney who he described as having been “instrumental in securing commitments from the First Minister that her government will support us”.

He said: “We are confident that the government will see the benefit of keeping this brand alive and keeping these workers in long term, stable employment.”

Following the news, Mr Sweeney said: “It is with a sense of relief that after almost two weeks of intense, detailed discussions, production will now restart at Mortons Rolls and over 100 jobs have been saved.”

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