CBI chief Danker steps down amid behaviour claims

Tony Danker
Tony Danker: mortified

CBI boss Tony Danker has stepped down amid allegations of misconduct.

It is understood the CBI has hired lawyers to investigate. It said it takes all allegations “extremely seriously” but until an investigation in completed they “remain unproven”.

In a tweet, Mr Danker said he was “mortified” to hear that he had caused “offence or anxiety to any colleague”.

He said: “It was completely unintentional, and I apologise profusely.”

In a statement this morning, the CBI said: “In January this year, the CBI was made aware of an allegation regarding the workplace conduct of Director-General, Tony Danker.

“The allegation was investigated thoroughly and was dealt with comprehensively, in line with CBI procedure. The CBI investigation determined that the issue did not require escalation to a disciplinary process.

“On March 2, the CBI was made aware of new reports regarding Tony Danker’s workplace conduct. We have now taken steps to initiate an independent investigation into these new matters.

“Tony Danker asked to step aside from his role as Director-General of the CBI while the independent investigation into these matters takes place.

“The CBI takes all matters of workplace conduct extremely seriously but it is important to stress that until this investigation is complete, any new allegations remain unproven and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

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