Best Online Games That Everyone Loves

There is no more popular way to enjoy games than to play online these days, either alone or with friends. Yes, there is still a boatload of offline titles out there, but it’s the online games that there’s a real thirst for. But with so many of these games on the market ready to play, which types are the most popular right now?

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Battle Royale

We could have compiled a list of individual game titles here, but we thought it best to tell you, the reader, about the types of games and then the actual games that fall into the category. Right now, and this has been the case for a number of years, you can’t look beyond battle royale games. The likes of Fortnite, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty have come to the fore because they’re very much free for alls, and a load of fun, with everyone determined to be the last one, or the last team standing.

Mobile Games

Yes, we’re now at a stage in the gaming space where playing on mobile is the go-to for a lot of people. Consoles and PC remain incredibly popular devices, but when gaming on a smartphone, there’s the convenience factor added into the mix and a ton of variety. What’s great about mobile gaming is that the device makes use of its technological capabilities, which means you have a more or less an infinite amount of choice. So it means that players can exploring Minecraft and all battle royale titles, all the way to enjoying bingo games at Gala Bingo and Pokemon GO, all of which can be done via dedicated mobile apps or mobile browser.

Sport Sims

Let’s face it; sports are huge in many people’s lives. And they naturally want to consume as much sport as possible. But, when there’s no sport you can watch live or on TV, what’s the next best thing? Yes, that’s right, playing sports sims, and there are some great ones out there. There’s always a way to connect with sports, from the FIFA series and Football Manager to games covering the NBA and NFL. And you could also argue that these games take players closer to the action than they’ve ever been because they’re actually getting involved in a fashion. Sports sims get more realistic by the year too.

Social Games

Gaming, at times, has been all about just enjoying a game for what it is and often doing so alone in single-player mode. But, as time has progressed, multiplayer games came to the fore, and then other offshoots of that, such as battle royale titles. What we’re also now seeing is games that are built with a social element in mind, and they’re playable on social media platforms such as Facebook. Games such as Jewel Academy and Super Dash are fun to play, and they also help people connect with friends and family, which enhances the experience.

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