Can you picture running for hours on your treadmill for weight reduction without the screen showing your calories, time, and pace? Or don’t you essentially need a dashboard to show your acceleration and the amount of gas left in the tank while driving? Similarly, to become an environmentally conscious citizen, you must have screens that indicate the impact of your actions on the ecosystem.

It is critical to understand our carbon footprint. It is the total amount of greenhouse gases generated by a person, community, or institution. In today’s world, the average person’s carbon emissions are skyrocketing! We must develop ways and means to rescue the earth for a brighter future!

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Understanding and computing carbon expenses and emissions: 

First step towards measuring the impact you deliver to the air is Carbon footprinting.

In order to tackle global warming effectively, quantify your energy consumption and emissions, because you can’t improve if you don’t measure. Create your dashboard, calculate your carbon footprint, and devise plans to combat global warming more effectively. Now, the impact of your purchase can be estimated, as a person or a corporation, using your banking applications and daily transactions.

If you need to measure and understand your carbon footprint, Greenly simplifies the task by classifying your transactions and utilizing the Monetary Emissions Ratio to calculate your effect. It calculates your average ecological footprint by asking questions about your purchases, packaging, shop, and activity.

Reducing your Carbon emissions:

The process of making a positive influence on the environment does not end with estimating your carbon footprint. Once you quantify, you try to lessen it. Monitoring your dashboard, at least twice weekly or weekly, forces you to consider practical methods to reduce your negative influence on the environment. This energy sufficiency leads to improved outcomes from public and investor communication.

As you get to know the key emission sources, you must find the opportunities to replace them with green sources. It can be done in a variety of ways; recycling, setting in the renewable energy sources, installing energy-efficient appliances, encouraging online means, offsetting carbon, planting, and staff education.

Go the extra mile:

Setting science-based and net zero objectives will allow you to become a climate warrior, promote innovation in your offices, boost your competitive advantage, and strengthen your credibility. Goal – setting may assist your company in lowering emissions and engaging stakeholders to accomplish more than your targets.

Why measure your product’s carbon intelligence for businesses:

Whether you are an individual or a firm, organization, or industry, you must monitor your influence and the damage you cause to the globe through greenhouse gas emissions. Keeping in mind the small and freshly founded corporations, it is made simple to create and track your carbon footprint dashboard. There are automated systems that collect receipts and data from banking applications and compute your company emissions.

How the Greenly can help:

Do you want to make carbon tracking for your corporation on your tips? Carbon intelligence and management assist businesses and individuals to reduce their environmental effects. To accomplish the desired impact, a net-zero-carbon economy strategy is often used. Greenly provides carbon footprint measurement, monitoring, reduction, and offset services based on international carbon accounting standards. It simplifies and transparently automates carbon reporting for SMEs using accounting and APIs to achieve net zero economy shifts.

Services the Greenly provides your firm;

  1. Calculate, monitor, and regulate your emissions in real-time to ensure energy sufficiency.
  2. Supplier engagement helps your suppliers migrate to minimize the carbon burden in your distribution chain.
  3. Industry focus with more in-depth research and studies tailored to your business.
  4. You may help achieve carbon neutrality by investing in offset projects approved by our climate experts.
  5. Life cycle analysis to comprehend the environmental effect of your products and transactions
  6. Personalized dashboard with expertise in all industries

Carbon Reporting SECR:

Understanding climate crisis threats and global warming, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (secr) law demands carbon accounting clarity to assist climate. Not only is it damaging the environment, but it is also harmful to the economy across the board.

Certain businesses are required to monitor and report their energy footprints on an annual basis due to the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) laws.

The following are the key economic and environmental advantages of reporting yearly energy emissions:

  1. It assists companies in lowering their energy costs.
  2. Increase transparency in carbon accounting.
  3. It will enhance energy sufficiency and efficiency.
  4. Cut down energy waste
  5. Reduce the effects of climate change
  6. Reveals the energy expenses
  7. Better engagement with the suppliers and investors
  8. Helps you innovate product and rethink product procurement

Quoted companies, large unquoted companies, and LLPs should submit their energy and carbon data by specifying their emissions intensity ratios, energy consumption, and planned and executed initiatives.

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Approach in favor of the climate and avail the carbon tracker on individual or bank accounts to reduce your negative impact on the Earth and set today the Net zero targets to boost energy and opportunities. So, what are your thoughts?

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