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Jump in public sector construction spending

Data analysis is via a tool launched in 2001

Spending on public sector construction projects rose by 4.9% (£600 million) in value in the past six months, according to latest figures from Scottish Futures Trust (SFT).

There are now 1,718 projects being planned across Scotland, worth £12.2 billion, according to data sourced via a construction forecasting tool.

These include new builds, refurbishments and maintenance projects across a wide range of sectors including roads, health, education, housing, cultural and heritage.

Peter Reekie, SFT’s chief executive, said: “These latest figures show there is strong growth in the public sector’s building plans.

“Of those 1,718 ‘live’ planned projects, 55% are valued below £2 million and many are expected to be started by 2025, which emphasises the breadth of public contracts that will be on offer, particularly to small and medium-sized construction-related firms, over the next five years.”

Business Minister Ivan McKee said: “The Construction Pipeline Forecast Tool is providing a transparent forecast on anticipated work across the public sector.

“This is giving businesses the confidence to plan ahead with investment, upskilling, and if needed, increasing their workforce for any tender process.

“In line with the recently launched Construction Accord, the Pipeline Tool is further supporting greater collaboration within the supply chain and improving outcomes for the businesses and workforce which make up the construction and associated industries.’’

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