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Study will review airport’s role in net zero economy

Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport has plans to part of the greater good (pic: Terry Murden)

An economics academic, who has focused on the urban environment, will explore the role Edinburgh Airport can play in a net zero strategy for the economy.

Professor Duncan Maclennan will compare Edinburgh and Scotland’s approach to balancing aviation emission reductions and economic wellbeing with strategies now being deployed in Sydney and Toronto. 

He has been commissioned by Edinburgh Airport as part of its Greater Good sustainability strategy as the airport works towards a more sustainable future.

It is hoped Prof Maclennan’s report will form the basis for a national conversation in Scotland that drives the sustainable growth of cities in tandem with important international trade connections.

Professor Maclennan, who has studied cities, neighbourhoods, infrastructure and housing, said: “Scotland has to shift to net zero, but we also have to sustain growing prosperity not least to support a fairer Scotland and improve fraying public services.

He said technological change in aircraft design, engines and fuels, available globally, will be part of the solution, but the economic roles of airports and the infrastructure systems they are part of can affect the trade-off between the economy and the environment.

Sir John Elvidge, chairman of Edinburgh Airport said: “There are some excellent examples around the world of where joined-up thinking around the development of cities and collaboration with transport providers leads directly to sustained and sustainable economic growth and drives social change.

“There are many exciting developments in aviation, which is pioneering new fuels and the technology that will reduce its impact on the climate and reduce the amount of carbon it uses. We can and will be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.”

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