Best Destination for a Great Camping Experience

Despite the region of Spain you visit, you can have fun outdoors. Adventure sports like hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving are popular at these locations. If you want to create lasting memories while on vacation, go camping in Spain with Canvas Holidays.

Is Spain Good for Camping?

Creating exciting experiences can make holidays memorable. If you want to explore one of the largest European countries, go camping in Spain with Canvas Holidays. The location is home to captivating landscapes, beautiful beaches, charming old villages, culturally lively towns, and destinations with historic value. 

The location has consistent sunshine, offering ideal weather for outdoor adventures. Besides, it is the best destination for a family vacation. With lots of attractions for kids, the destination will suit your children. If you are searching for your next vacation location, here are things to consider camping in Spain.

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Appropriate weather for outdoor activities

Spain has summer-like weather throughout the year. The pleasant climate allows visitors to have incredible experiences while on vacation. As a result, you will enjoy the abundant beauty of the location, its culture, and the stunning tourist sights. However, deciding whether you want to explore the country’s historic architecture, beautiful beaches, and other attractions before visiting Spain would be best.

Suitable holiday location for children

Families go on vacation to relax, have fun, and bond. However, many parents take a break from vacations abroad until their kids reach a particular age. If you need a family vacation idea, camping in Spain will excite your family members. You will have a great time gazing at the stars and watching the bonfire. Besides, numerous adventure choices will interest you and your little ones. 

Affordable vacation idea

If you want to explore the country at a reasonable cost, then opt for camping in Spain. Most of the campsites have facilities that will make your stay comfortable. Besides, some have luxurious features. The geographical location of a campsite contributes to its popularity among campers. It could be its proximity to beautiful beaches, natural reserves, or a coastline.

Most campsites have flat grasslands, hilly terrain, and lush greenery. However, the total of pitches varies across the campsite. A pitch is where you can park your camper van or caravan or erect your tent when camping. The campsites offer regular tents, caravans, mobile homes, and bungalows. Some also have chalets for rent. Some campsites make provisions for the winter.

Many of the campsites compete with local hotels in providing facilities, however, at a much lower price. These amenities include:

  • free hot showers ;
  • splash pool ;
  • swimming pool ;
  • waterslide ;
  • playground ;
  • access to drinking water ;
  • first aid ;
  • toilet blocks for physically challenged people.

Some campsites offer extra services like beauty care, whirlpool bath, sauna, camper van repair services, and others.  Campsites with Wi-Fi free internet access, food outlets, bars, restaurants, gas supply, motorcycles, and bicycles for hire provide a complete experience for campers. Some move further to provide dry cleaning, washing services, and club rooms for teens and kids. 

Activities to keep campers in good spirits

You can engage in numerous activities to have fun while camping in Spain. Many campsites offer spa facilities, yoga and fitness sessions, outdoor ball games, and mountain biking. Besides, you can go diving, water-skiing, sailing, and rafting. Cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, golfing, and snorkeling are also common.

Rock exploration is also a fun outdoor activity. However, rock climbing requires strength and knowledge of its safe techniques. You need to identify an ideal climbing destination. Spain has stunning overhanging rocks, providing beginners with suitable conditions for rock climbing. Expert climbers from numerous climbing camps in Spain can help you start your climbing activity.

Numerous beach destinations

Many beach resorts operate near the beautiful beaches of Spain. Most resorts have excellent water sports amenities like windsurfing and water skiing. Here are some of the beach destinations.

  1. San Sebastian’s beaches: Spain’s cleanest beaches are located near the western part of the boundary linking France.
  2. Costa del Sol lies in the Andalucia region, south of the country. The beautiful beaches at this location receive bright sunshine almost annually.
  3. Costa Blanca: This coastline with white beaches stretches for about 170 miles. Benidorm is a popular resort along the coastline.
  4. Costa Brava: Gandia beach is along the coastline of Costa Brava. This coastline has beautiful villages and towns with sheltered coves and towering cliffs.
  5. Costa Verde: A northern coastline with quiet and clean beaches. It has a spectacular mountainous backdrop and sports rocky coves.

Other popular beach destinations include Baleric Islands’ Ses Illetes, Cadiz’s La Barossa, Catalonia’s Sitges, Asturias’ Playa del Silencio, and Galicia’s Playa de Las Catedrales.


If you love adventures, your search for your next vacation destination is over. You can go camping in Spain with Canvas Holidays. However, it is necessary that you carefully plan your trip. Pack items you will need for the vacation and double-check to ensure you didn’t forget anything. Enjoy camping in Spain at a campsite that offers a great experience to campers. 

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