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Alba party on course for 20 MSPs, says poll

Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond: party winning support

Former First Minister Alex Salmond’s Alba Party says it could be on course to win more than 20 seats at the next Scottish Parliament election. 

A poll conducted by Panelbase indicates that 42% of those who voted SNP with their 2021 Scottish Parliament constituency vote said they would vote for the Alba Party with their regional list ballot in order to return a greater number of pro independence MSPs. 

Similarly, 48% of those who would vote Yes in a future independence referendum would also vote for Alba on the list. 

In the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election, the Conservative Party won 31 seats, with 26 of them coming from the regional list with a vote share of 23.5%. Scottish Labour took 22 seats with only 2 being thanks to constituencies, meaning that the party’s 17.9% on the regional list helped make up almost all of its seats. 

Alba says that if the Scottish independence movement were to back Alba as the poll suggests it would result in a near electoral wipe out of the Labour Party and Conservatives in Scotland.

Furthermore,19% of those who voted Labour in 2021 said they would vote for the Alba Party to help return more independence supporting MSPs. 

Among those aged between 16 and 34 the poll showed 36% would give their list vote to Mr Salmond’s party. 

In total, 23% of all surveyed said they would back the Alba Party on the regional list. 

Alba says the responses show that it has broken into the political mainstream and that a substantial section of the electorate now see the the party as the accepted means to progress the case for Scottish independence as a more immediate priority.

Alba’s general asecretary Chris McEleny said: “This sensational poll result reflects what we have been seeing as we campaign across the country: people believe that the vision and the plan being set out by Alex Salmond is what the independence movement should be doing.”

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  1. Many people are now rethinking their loyalty to the SNP particularly with, in my opinion as a women with the right to one, the erosion of women’s rights. The right to self determine your sex after a period of 3months is nothing short of barmy! Hate crime legislation has gone too far and plans to further reduce the rights of the Scottish people’s rights to freedom of speech should be challenged. Their hatred and loathing of landlords, many small landlords that they rely on due to the shortage of good accommodation, is beyond reproach….there is no equality for these people! Many of whom heeded Gordon Browns advice and bought a property to replace a pension that they were led to believe, they would never see. They have been subject to consistent unequal treatment and are doing the governments job for next to nothing in higher quality accommodation with better facilities than Housing Associations. The three candidates to replace Nicola are a depressing reflection on what we can expect from any new first minister and why has all the focus been on the religious views of Kate Forbes? Humza Yousaf is a muslim, of course I respect everyone’s right to practice their faith but are the views of this religion compatible with the majority of Scottish people, on gay marriage for instance? I can see the SNP independence dream, just being that….you have lost your way and it’s depressing. I no longer feel that the will of the Scottish people is for the SNP to lead them to independence and the three candidates are, unfortunately, not of the calibre to represent Scotland on the world stage. Soon to be SNP ex member…..

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