Why your businesses persona matters

OK, so you’ve done your market research, written up your business plan and your budding new business is ready to go. There’s just one thing left to consider if you haven’t already – your brand persona. While a brand’s persona will often come naturally, it can be tricky to craft the outward identity of your business. But why is your business persona so important?

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What is a brand persona?

In the same way that we each possess our traits, values, attitudes, and personalities, businesses also display personas, whether consciously or not. A brand persona usually embodies what the business is about, whether that be a commitment to sustainability or a pledge to keep prices low. It could be embodied by a person, mascot, or created character, or it could exist as an abstract idea or philosophy. The most effective brand personas are those which are memorable, unique, and instantly recognisable to the consumer – a good brand persona will lend an air of familiarity and trust to your business. By developing a strong brand persona, you’ll be able to better connect with your customer base, generate word-of-mouth promotion and gain new clients you may not have otherwise been able to reach.

Tips for building your online identity

  • Identify exactly what it is that you want from your business and which kind of persona you want to display. Think about the function of your business and how closely it relates to your core values and ethics – imagine your ideal company and try to model your own business on this.
  • Once you’ve set a long-term goal and ‘found yourself’ as a brand, ensure that you’re always genuine with your clients when it comes to communicating and showing off your business – the weakest brand personas are usually those which seem inauthentic or forced.
  • Always take customer needs into account and try to create a customer-focused company culture with your staff and colleagues. Your commitment to the customer should be reflected in your brand persona and, as a core value of any good business, you’re likely to see positive results on your bottom line.
  • When it comes to marketing and social media, don’t be afraid to have fun with your audience. The best brand personas are like explosive personalities, so try to be unique and connect with your audience in out-there ways they’re more likely to remember. This could include interactive promotions and giveaways, Instagram live streams, Q & A sessions, and unique communication strategies, such as narrative email campaigns.

Examples of brands with the best personas

 Some businesses have developed such well-known and effective brand personas that they’re recognised all over the world, even outside their typical target demographic. Examples of famous brand personas you’re likely to be familiar with include Red Bull, Nike, Ikea, and Lego.



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