What are the career paths in the IT industry?

The IT sector has been booming over the last two decades significantly. The speculations suggest that the trend will stay the same for the next few decades too. The global IT industry’s value was around $1.3 trillion in 2021. The constantly evolving technology is changing the way corporate work. From the introduction of automation to delivery efficiency increasing results, the IT industry is boosting all the operational aspects of businesses. That’s why it is also one of the most desired career paths for students willing to build a strong IT resume. However, before stepping into this industry, you need to see what different job profiles are in the industry. Let’s begin.

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IT security specialist

They are also called information security analysts or cybersecurity analysts. The main aim of IT security specialists is to safeguard a company’s data and information stored in electronic systems. In addition, they are responsible for protecting the company from any cyber attack or loophole. There is vast scope in IT security because the need for skilled IT professionals is currently increasing while the skillset is not.

To become an IT security specialist, you must have a minimum degree in cybersecurity, IT, or any other related field. You can also pursue computer science, information assurance, and software security education. The average salary of an IT security specialist in India is around

Data scientist

Data scientists are also called data analysts. It is one of the most trending job profiles in the IT industry. You must have heard corporate professionals saying that data is king! The truth is that they are not wrong. Data analysis provides several data-driven insights that can increase business profits in several ways. However, as much as the process data information is valuable, raw data has no value or meaning. That’s why the demand for skilled data scientists is increasing daily.

The data scientists need to gather and work on the data by taking it from different points like customer interactions, click streams, global satellite plots, etc. Using this data; they need to find a competitive advantage for the business. To get good opportunities in the field, having an MBA is crucial. You can also opt for entry-level roles by specialization graduation. The average salary of a data scientist in India is

User interface developer

They are responsible for designing how we interact with the software designs and interface. Their primary responsibility is to produce a seamless way for the customers to interact with the applications. A user interface developer understands how a user will behave and what he will expect from the application or the website. As per that, the UI developer will create a design that will provide an enhanced customer experience.

To become a UI developer, you will need at least a bachelor’s in Computer Science or software development. Moreover, good practical exposure to different projects, internships, and certification courses will also be crucial. The average salary of a user interface developer in India is around

Software Developer

Most of the time, when you are using any of your regular electronic devices, then you are interacting with software. Software developers develop all these software and apps. To become one, you need to have a firm grasp of coding languages like Java, Python, etc. You can opt for a bachelor’s in software development or computer science to set your foot on this career path. To build a strong IT resume for this job profile, focus on getting hands-on experience. You can opt for internships or different projects. The average salary of a software developer in India is

Web developer

A web developer is a person who designs explicitly and develops websites for businesses. Their work also includes maintaining and upgrading the websites. In a broader range, phone applications have also become a part of it. To become a web developer, you must learn Python, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Then, you can head towards self-practice the concepts by building your projects. Certification courses from Google are the best skill set for making your strong web developer IT resume. The average salary of a web developer in India is around


There are diverse career paths in the IT sector. You can choose as per your skillset and interest. However, you will need a strong IT resume for all these positions. The best way to uplift your resume is by doing internships or taking projects to practice your knowledge.

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