Trump declares plan to run again for White House

Donald Trump
Donald Trump: wants to make America great

Donald Trump last night announced he will run again for the US presidency in 2014.

However, his second bid for the White House has been greeted with dismay by senior Republicans.

The Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson described it as a “self-indulging message promoting anger”, and Trump’s own former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, said he was the only Republican who could lose the next election.

Mr Hutchinson said Trump’s speech was “egotistical and mistaken”, adding: “Trump is correct on Biden’s failures, but his self-indulging message promoting anger has not changed.

“It didn’t work in 2022 and won’t work in 2024. There are better choices.”

Mr Trump announced his plan, saying the US was being destroyed by his successor.

“In order to make America great and glorious again, tonight I am announcing my candidacy for the president of the United States,” he declared.

“From now until election day in 2024… I will fight like no one has ever fought before. We will defeat the radical left Democrats who are trying to destroy our country from within.”

He claimed that he presided over the “fastest economic recovery ever recorded”.

Asked if he had any reaction to Trump’s announcement, President Joe Biden reportedly exchanged a glance with French President Emmanuel Macron before responding “no, not really”.

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