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Top Tips for Commuting by Train

Commuting to and from work by train is a popular option and it is easy to see why. The train can be faster, less stressful and more affordable than driving to and from work each day, plus it is better for the environment. You can also use the time that you have on the train to your advantage and there are a number of ways that you can do this. Keep reading for a few tips on commuting by train that should help you to make the most out of your train commute.

Photo by Roman Fox on Unsplash

Get a Head Start

For many people, the train journey to work is an opportunity to get a head start on the day. You could reply to work emails and carry out a few other basic tasks so that you can lighten your load for when you arrive and avoid a manic start. Many people also find that doing these basic tasks before you arrive also helps them to mentally get in the zone for work, which can make it much easier to hit the ground running each day. Alternatively, there may be some life admin tasks that you can get done during this time, such as booking appointments or arranging social activities.

Devote Some Time to a Hobby

Other people will want to avoid starting any kind of work until they are actually at work and this is understandable. If you fall into this camp, you might want to try the train journey as a chance to indulge in a hobby. It is not always easy to find the time for hobbies, especially when you have kids and other responsibilities at home. The train journey can provide some invaluable “me time” and give you the chance to enjoy a hobby like reading, crosswords, journaling or gaming.


Another good use of the time that you have on the train is to simply relax. People that drive into work often arrive feeling frustrated, rushed and stressed before they have even sat down to start work. With train travel, it gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax and this could help you to arrive at work feeling calm and focused. You could enjoy a healthy breakfast, listen to music/podcasts and/or look out the window and enjoy the view on your way to work.

Commuting to and from work by train can be a great option, especially because it provides you with time that can be used to your advantage. There is not much that you can do while driving other than focus on the road ahead (which can be extremely stressful during rush hour), but the train provides you with the chance to get a head start, indulge in hobbies or simply relax before and after work.

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