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Scots-built 4×4 Munro to launch next month

Munro 4X4
Munro prototype

Scotland’s only volume production car company, is set to unveil its first vehicle, the Munro MK1 in Edinburgh on 5 December and plans to create 300 jobs.

The all-electric 4×4 will be the first vehicle to enter volume production in Scotland in more than four decades

Glasgow-based Munro Vehicles has designed, engineered, and built the Munro MK1 to be the world’s most capable all-electric 4×4 to navigate the most challenging terrain. It will operate for up to 16 hours on a single battery charge. It can transport a crew of five, accommodating a 1000kg payload and 3500kg towing capacity.

The company is targeting potential customers in construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, mountain rescue, remote infrastructure maintenance, as well as the leisure market.

Munro CEO, Russell Peterson said: “This early sketch of the Munro MK1 by our award-winning in-house designer Ross Compton, underlines our design commitment to build an all-terrain electric 4X4 engineered from the wheels up to provide unparalleled workhorse capability for commercial customers looking to decarbonise their fleets.”

Munro Vehicles was founded in 2019 by Mr Peterson and Ross Anderson and will build 50 vehicles in 2023 before transitioning to a new purpose-built site near Glasgow in 2024.

With the creation of 300 jobs, production will be ramped up to 250 vehicles per year with a strategic roadmap in place to deliver 2,500 units annually by 2027.

The Munro is engineered to be simple and low-cost to maintain, with the extensive use of existing components. This approach ensures a superior total cost of ownership, with maximum uptime from a fully electric 4×4 that minimises its footprint no matter where it goes. 

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