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Rail strike halted as revised offer put to vote

Haymarket station
Rail workers are voting on a new offer

Rail union bosses have agreed to put a revised offer from ScotRail to a vote of members in what appears to be a breakthrough in the long-running pay dispute.

Following a meeting between ScotRail and RMT representatives yesterday an overtime ban and all proposed strike action will be suspended pending the outcome of the vote. 

ScotRail’s further improved offer includes an increase from £500 to £750 for acceptance of technology consolidated into basic pay, on top of the 5% basic increase.

This is in return for the acceptance of current technology, such as mobile devices for checking and selling tickets, using passenger assistance app.

This would mean an average pay increase of 7.5% for general grades, which includes roles such as conductors, ticket examiners, and station staff. Salaries for lower paid staff would increase by more than 8.5%.

The offer also includes the following elements: 

Phil Campbell, ScotRail head of customer operations, said: “We’re pleased to have reached agreement with the RMT so that our staff will have a say on our very strong pay offer.

“If accepted, this will deliver an average 7.5% pay increase, job security for at least six years, and increases allowances in commission payments. 

“We encourage RMT members to vote for this offer so that they can receive a well-earned pay rise and everyone at ScotRail can focus on delivering for customers across the country.” 

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