Offline Marketing in 2023 – Is it Still Relevant?

Growing a business effectively is a difficult thing. There are many different plates to spin in order to facilitate the best possible growth, from internal development to external funding and expansion. But arguably the most important factor for the growing business is marketing.

The Business Landscape

The business landscape is more competitive than ever – at least, for new enterprises. A recent government report revealed that market competition overall had not fully recovered since the 2008-9 recession, but that churn was low amongst the businesses at the top of their industry; new businesses are fighting tooth and nail for their share of the pie.

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This makes marketing especially important for emerging businesses, in order for them to properly stake their claim to a share of the market. Marketing strategy is a complex subject, and one which has seen landmark change in recent years. The ubiquity of social media, and renewed interest in digital innovation, has led to shifts in approach to marketing, and a wholesale movement towards digital-only strategies. But where does this leave more traditional forms of marketing, in the form of physical and print advertising?

Is Print Dead?

‘Print is dead’ is a phrase often parroted in media commentary, and which has been making appearances in mainstream media platforms since the start of the millennium. As digital platforms and social media became more and more influential, the statement gained traction in a new age of PR.

However, the statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Print is an essential provision for PR and marketing strategy, especially when weaponised properly in a hybrid marketing approach. In the excitement of adopting new digital brand strategies, it can be easy to forget the simple effectiveness of offline marketing for achieving specific goals. How, though, should you incorporate offline marketing in your 2023 marketing strategy?

Incorporating Print Media in Your Business Marketing

Print media is a wide field, incorporating numerous products and strategies each of which can offer something different to your brand. Together, though, they have a legitimising effect on your brand as a whole; the existence of high-quality print material ‘reifies’ your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

A quintessential form of print media advertising can be found in the form of flyers. Well-designed flyers are instrumental in drumming up local brand awareness and interest, whether handed out on the street or left in venues for consumers to find.

As a corollary to this, appearing in existing forms of print media can serve to legitimise you while expanding your reach to an audience otherwise unreachable by targeted PPC advertising. Taking out inches or pages in magazines, newspapers, and local directories can be lucrative for expanding awareness and new custom.

As for existing consumers, if you have their address on your database you can subtly invest in their loyalty by sending branded and personalised post to them. This might include exclusive rewards or incentives, or simply serve to place new product and service ranges directly in their hands.

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