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Hunt urged to revisit Kwarteng’s growth plans

Tony Danker
Tony Danker: growth plan missing

CBI chief Tony Danker says the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt needs to revisit some of his maligned predecessor’s plans if he wants to get the economy growing.

Mr Danker, director general of the business lobby group, initially welcomed the package of support from Mr Hunt, but he said the Autumn Statement failed to deliver a plan for growth.

The Statement was structured to reassure financial markets after the markets were spooked by Kwasi Kwarteng’s unfunded mini-budget in September.

However, Mr Danker said Mr Kwarteng’s proposals – such as relaxing immigration, regulation and planning laws – needed to be looked at again.

Without higher growth, the UK would not afford the growing cost of health and social care, he said.

Speaking ahead of the CBI annual conference opening on Monday, Mr Danker said : “Jeremy Hunt did some things which will be very welcome.

“But he also made businesses and everybody pay more taxes and so the fear is there just wasn’t enough there to turn round and say, ‘we can grow again’,

“So I don’t think he did enough, I think he is going to have to come back with more.”

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