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Businesswoman quits job to buy network firm

Andrew Smith and Leigh Reid

An energy industry manager has quit her job and acquired an Aberdeen business networking organisation.

Leigh Reid will take over Aberdeen Business Network from director Andrew Smith, who launched the company in 2008. 

ABN has 7,000 online members across six networking services which help local companies build relationships and pursue their growth ambitions.

It is estimated that over the past six years alone clients have secured deals worth more than £25m. The company also runs 16 face-to-face networking events each year.

Ms Reid has a career spanning 18 years in business development, sales, recruitment and logistics. ABN has been part of her growth strategy with firms she has worked for since she joined the networking organisation in January 2019. 

She said: “The opportunity to own and run ABN is simply too good to ignore – I had to go for it. I’ve seen the value of ABN services in recent times as it has helped businesses to develop and proposer, even during Covid-19.

“I’ve had lots of support and encouragement from family and friends. It is a challenge but one I’m very much looking forward to taking on. I really enjoy networking and seeing people grow their business. There are huge opportunities at ABN.”

Mr Smith said: “I’m thrilled someone with Leigh’s energy and enthusiasm for ABN and networking is going to take the business on the next stage of its journey. We had a great deal of interest from people looking to acquire the business, but I’m pleased that it’s Leigh. She’s the right fit.”

Mr Smith is taking a short break over the festive period before considering a number of business opportunities.

ABN members come from a broad range of industry sectors including energy, finance, legal, technology, leisure and hospitality, property and start-ups. 

ABN’s core service – its ‘Ten’ groups – sees 10 business people meet face-to-face once every two weeks to support and advise each other to win new business. There are plans to add more Ten groups at the start of next year. 

In addition, there is ABN 1-2-1 – a ‘matchmaking’ service where individuals request meetings with others looking to grow their businesses. Networkers can also buy an ABN Gold membership that entitles them to a range of benefits and discounts.

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