Why Do I Get Vacation Migraine

So you are on vacation, but your migraine is doing its job in full swing? With people around blaming stress as the biggest culprit behind migraine, you must wonder why it hits back so hard during your relaxing vacation. Before we tell you in detail why this killjoy tends to ruin your holiday, we suggest you seek medical help. As a handy treatment, you can order Sumatriptan tablets online to avoid any possible migraine attacks.

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Decreasing Stress Level

You are wrong if you think your migraine is a monster who can smell your vacation and thunders in to spoil the fun! Your brain gets habitual of the stress level during your routine days. It develops a coping mechanism that can handle a certain stress level you usually go through. As soon as this stress level falls during vacation, the brain exhibits its disappointment through migraine. To add fuel to the fire, the tension of managing accommodation, suitable plane tickets, taking care of children etc., stress your brain to the limit that it jump-starts the most painful series of migraines.

Increasing Stress

Yes, you heard it right! We aim to go on vacation to reduce stress, but the result might be the opposite. The stress of booking an economical but decent flight, accommodation, tour guide and a lot more adds up to your existing stress level. Here is when your brain can’t take it anymore, and you suffer from migraine attacks.

Change of Surroundings

It may sound like a too generic term but digging into the details, you will find out that sunny or hilly areas may accelerate your migraine like nothing else. Too bright a light on a sunny beach, particularly when you are not used to it, proves to be a trigger. Moreover, travelling to high altitudes may also increase the risk of migraine risk due to lack of oxygen.

Exotic Food and Beverages

One of the most prominent tourist attractions is trying out new cuisines and beverages in the area. However, as local delicacies may attract you, the same they might do to your migraine. The tempting sparkle of red wine may taste heavenly but can spoil your vacation by triggering a migraine if your body is not used to it.

Disturbed Sleep Schedule

It is a fact that while having fun during vacation, you often tend to go to bed late. Along with that, many people travel to different time zones for vacation. Besides, jet lag is a real thing which leaves you unrested. When there is no office to attend, you might like to steal some cosy moments of a bit longer sleep. However, this little joy may play havoc with your migraine. Some people go clubbing and indulge in nightlife too much during their vacation, getting very little sleep. Such adventures are often followed by hangovers also. This disturbed sleep schedule triggers migraine in many ways. Sleep is the utmost way to calm down your stress, and your body starts panicking if you deprive it of a golden hour of sleep.


The low humidity level may start your dehydration journey, which may peak after reaching your vacation destination. Similarly, roaming around in the Sun causes dehydration, which again leads to more frequent and more severe migraine attacks. If you are a wine lover, you must be trying out the local drinks, but this alcohol intake leaves you dehydrated. So, don’t get carried away and stick to your usual limit of alcohol intake. Carry a bottle of water during sight-seeing and keep sipping on water during your flights to prevent migraine.

Motion Sickness

Many people suffer from migraine while travelling on buses, cars or trains because of motion sickness. It may hit even harder in the case of boats and ships, resulting in sea sickness. Both of these conditions lead directly to migraine. If you already suffer from it, the frequency and strength of the migraine attacks may increase in these conditions. Besides, the other symptoms of migraine like nausea, vomiting and dizziness may also increase in case of motion sickness.

Caffeine Intake

Most of us are habitual of a certain amount of tea or coffee intake. However, people tend to replace this caffeine intake with some exotic delicacies during vacations. This sudden interruption of caffeine intake triggers your migraine. Luckily, such attacks can improve by switching back to your usual caffeine intake routine.

Tips to Manage Vacation Migraine

Vacation migraine can be a disaster for your all-cool trip, but this type of migraine is relatively easy to manage. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Schedule everything beforehand.
  • Limit your food choices to the items your body is used to. Do not go out of the box.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and avoid too much Sun, particularly during the peak hours.
  • Keep your medicines with you.

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