Top Teams to Watch Out For in The 2022 World Cup

With the Fifa World Cup just around the corner, it is not just football fans talking about it. The event starts on the 20th of November 2022 and will take place at the Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar. A total of 32 teams will participate in the event, and below is a list of some teams you should pay attention to.


There have been two occasions in which Argentina has come out on top at the World Cup, and many believe the country has a good chance of triumphing for the third time. One of the main reasons people think this is because of their incredible form, and they seem to have a well-developed squad that doesn’t need to rely on Lionel Messi alone. With a solid team and no losses since 2019, Argentina is a high contender for the World Cup.

Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash


Spain was at its best in the 2010s but has recently begun to improve and return to its glory days. Many expect them to be another top contender in Qatar after dominating their qualifying games and performing well in tournaments like the Nations League. One thing Spain does have against them is that they are in the same group as Germany, which means getting to the knockout stage won’t be easy.


Though England has not managed to recapture the World Cup since 1966, the squad for this year’s competition is full of young and upcoming talent with great form. Though this is the case, The Three Lions have a reputation for hit-and-miss performances against teams on their level. They finished fourth in the 2018 world cup, but since then, the team has matured, so this could be the year they finally bring it home.


France are the reigning champions of the World Cup and is among the top favourites to take the title in Qatar 2022. Because of the squad’s high level of players from top European leagues, it’s easy to see why they sit as one of the top contenders. Though the team may have stumbled recently, their key players like Hugo Lloris, Raphaël Varane and Kylian Mbappe’s ability to turn a match on its head instantly will be their saving grace in Qatar 2022 World Cup.


Brazil is another team that has a stellar international record, and they have only lost one match since 2020. Due to the amount of talent in the squad and the five titles they’ve won throughout their history, they have an incredible chance of winning the title for the sixth time. Many believe they are on par with Argentina for being winners of this year’s World Cup.


Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany are a few other teams who are also top contenders in the competition, all with great teams. Anything can happen in the World Cup, it’s anybody’s game; so if you are a betting person, make sure to do your research. It is always an exciting time when the World Cup is approaching, but if you can’t wait for the World Cup to start, you can also feel the same excitment by playing equally thrilling casino games at Platin Casino Online.

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