The new iconic Mercedes-Benz GLB and AMG GLB 35. What are the major differences?

Mercedes-Benz cars are well-known for their advanced technological solutions and the luxury they provide. Of course, usually, these features mean an extra cost, but at the end of the day it is completely worth it, and the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLB is obvious proof of that.

When you think that the SUV market is already filled with endless different options, Mercedes-Benz one more time succeeds in making something extraordinary. Just like many other Mercedes-Benz models, the GLB gives an opportunity to see what real luxury can feel like. But this time it is even more sophisticated, and exclusive in many ways.

Photo by Doruk Bayram on Unsplash

At first sight, it may seem that GLB has some similarities with a famous G63 model which is very sharp and angular from a design perspective. Despite that, GLB is more technologically advanced, and it makes this car more dedicated to daily use. The reliability of GLB is created by using only high-quality Mercedes parts. After all, the quality of these original parts is very important not only for the driving experience but for safety as well.

Standard Mercedes-Benz GLB is a perfect choice for those who value comfort and reliability. The car’s main features are directed to the driver and passengers. It means that the manufacturer was searching for solutions to create a real family-friendly SUV.

Better, more beautiful, and sophisticated

When standard equipment is not enough, the AMG GLB 35 becomes irreplaceable. Every Mercedes-Benz fan knows the exact meaning of these three letters which marks the hidden performance and extended capabilities.

Regardless of the better performance, AMG also offers a more aggressive exterior design. As usual, the AMG version has a wider look which is created by adding additional elements to the sides of the front bumper. These side elements are decorated with plastic blades. Meanwhile, the standard version has fog lights in these areas. Overall, the AMG version has fewer chrome trims around the car. Usually, these chrome trims are replaced with black ones.

Interior design and retrofitting options

It seems that this time Mercedes-Benz decided to pay more attention to interior design. The interior differences between the standard and the AMG model are so bright that they can be noticed instantly. For example, the AMG version has dark carbon fiber interior trims on the front panel while the standard equipped model has brighter ones. The steering wheel, seats, and many other elements are also different.

Probably one of the best things about the GLB model is the possibility to make modifications by replacing standard parts with the AMG. Usually, almost every part can be changed in order to achieve better equipment overall. This helps to increase the value of the car and make it more attractive visually. The complete majority of the retrofitting process can be done fast and easily. It is very important to use only genuine parts so they can fit perfectly.


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