Rustam Gilfanov: The path from entrepreneur to venture capitalist 

Rustam Gilfanov is an entrepreneur working in IT. He also co-founded a large IT company, and is a LongeVC Fund venture partner.



Birth date: January 6, 1983

Birthplace: the village of Basim, Perm Province.

Parents: the mother worked as a teacher; the father was in the military.

Interests as a child: Mathematics and science fiction.



As soon as Rustam Gilfanov left school, he became a student at the Udmurt State University. He obtained his Law Degree in 2005, and much later he got the post-graduation degree in Arbitration Management. When Rustam was a student, he was an active participant of various conferences and events.


Professional Life

Gilfanov was a university soon at the time when Internet, the global network, was actively developing. When he took undergraduate studies at the Law Department, Rustam was seriously interested in IT. As a result, this brought him to the idea of founding his own IT startup company. However, above all, Rustam gained much experience in co-working in a number of unique international IT projects. Rustam Gilfanov has thorough knowledge of Law, which helped him in his self-confidence at that time.

In 2006 Rustam Gilfanov was supported by his partners and founded a small IT company that managed to get the reputation of one of the most promising software developers in the marketing, gambling, and financial industries. At the same time the team of his company have developed more than a hundred unique game applications and established representative offices in Cyprus and Malta. It is necessary to note that it goes on efficiently working in Ukraine and Latvia at the same time.

Since the foundation of his company, Rustam Gilfanov has seen a new format of modern entrepreneurship to develop. His company has focused on high quality support for young talents and establishing the most comfortable terms and conditions for the personnel development. It took only five years for the company to employ 1,000 professionals and provide them with a vast number of opportunities to use their work potential.

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In addition to the above, Rustam Gilfanov is also known as a philanthropist who permanently integrates a variety of projects focused on the development of corporate social responsibility in his IT company. The company focuses on educational projects for young people.

One of the most prominent projects supported by Rustam Gilfanov is the LakiBuks project that was co-founded by the ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ Foundation. The project aims at supporting talented writers and making teenage non-fiction in the Ukrainian language popular.

LakiBuks was announced for the first time in 2017 at the Book Arsenal Festival. In a year, the project partnered in the children’s program of that most famous Ukrainian book festival. LakiBuks has made a dozen of tours in numerous European and Ukrainian cities.

LakiBuks originates from the cooperation of several children’s libraries found in Eastern Ukraine. Nowadays it includes about 200 libraries across the country. It has a lot of achievements but the most notable is the distribution of over 5,000 copies of teenage pop-science books in 2018. First of all, the South and East Ukraine libraries received these books, because Ukrainian non-fiction literature is under-supplied in those regions. Rustam Gilfanov says that LakiBuks is one of his most valuable and important projects.

One more important enterprise that is actively supported by Rustam Gilfanov is the maximum possible restoration of Kyiv Children’s Library. The aim was to change it into an innovative library hub. This idea was brought to life in cooperation with the Maybutniy Library Project. You can find a computer lab in the renovated library. It holds open lectures delivered by the company’s most successful employees. It was initially created as a one-off project, but now it is widely spread in the whole country.

Rustam Gilfanov has long been an active partner of the prominent ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ Foundation. He is a sponsor of numerous social enterprises. Besides, the businessman financially supports single mothers and the families that find themselves in crisis conditions.

Financing Private Equity

Rustam Gilfanov has stated that he will quit his executive activity to focus on financing the most promising, as he personally sees, IT projects in financial technologies, the live-streaming, and gaming industries. At the moment Rustam Gilfanov is a LongeVC Fund venture partner.



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