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‘Kyiv to Carlisle’ quip on Boris irks Sturgeon

Liz Truss
Liz Truss: shaping new Cabinet

Nicola Sturgeon believes Liz Truss’s quip that Boris Johnson was “admired from Kyiv to Carlisle” was an acknowledgement of his poor reputation north of the border.

Ms Truss made the comment in her victory speech, but despite the aggressive exchange of words between them and their political differences Ms Sturgeon said she hoped to work “constructively” with the new Conservative leader.

Early in the Tory election campaign Ms Truss called Sturgeon an “attention-seeker” while Ms Sturgeon said Ms Truss has asked her how to get attention from Vogue magazine in which the First Minister appeared.

The biggest obstacle between them is Ms Sturgeon’s call for another independence referendum in the coming months. The UK government is planning legislation to change the voting procedure.

Ms Sturgeon noted that Ms Truss’s victory on 47% of the party electorate would fail to meet the threshold being proposed for a second referendum.

They are also likely to clash on Ms Truss’s plans for more drilling in the North Sea and support for both nuclear and fracking to boost the UK’s energy supplies.

Ms Sturgeon will get her first chance to comment on Ms Truss’s election and plans to ease energy bills when she announces the Programme for Government in the Scottish parliament.

The First Minister is expected to outline her own measures for tackling the crisis, though she admits that she has “limited resources” and the UK Government holds most of the levers for taking decisive action.

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