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Biscuits get a taste for alcohol-free drinks

Andy Murray of Drinks Bakery
Andy Murray: jumped at the chance

The Drinks Baker,y which created the world’s first-ever range of savoury biscuits matched with drinks, is expanding into the booming global alcohol-free market.

The move by the Edinburgh-based firm is the result of a two-year project driven by the global growth of alcohol-free drinks, which is currently the fastest growing segment in the UK.

This expansion into the ‘no and low’ alcohol drinks market comes hot on the heels of the Drinks Bakery taking its first orders from Australia.

Drinks Biscuits are also growing in popularity in the US where the company has secured a number of listings

The non-alcohol drinks pairing project began in 2020, when the firm received an enquiry from Spinneys in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where alcohol consumption and buying is heavily regulated. 

Chief biscuiteer Andy Murray, who founded the firm in 2016, said the biscuit were had primarily marketed as a complement to alcoholic drinks.

“But when Spinneys in the UAE got in touch to explore pairing with the non-alcoholic alternatives we jumped at the chance,” he said.

“The ‘no and low’ sector has gone through huge growth in the last five years and I’m so impressed by the quality of many of the products.

“We had our first order for this format earlier this month and with more and more people here in the UK choosing low and no-alcohol drinks, there’s a growing market for us closer to home.”

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