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Glampitect expanding into North America

Glamping is taking off in the US

An Edinburgh-based company that offers advice on starting a glamping business is expanding into North America.

Nick Purslow, managing director of North America. will spearhead the move.

Glampitect has already worked on more than 700 projects around the world since it was set up in 2019 by Calum MacLeod and Alisdair Young.

The business was conceived out of frustration, after the founders struggled for support when building their first glamping site, NC500 Pods.

Last year the company expanded to the Middle East and now it is working across a range of states in the US, including California, North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois.

Nick Purslow

“The idea for Glampitect North America came about during a few drinks after the UK Glamping Show in September last year,” said Mr Purslow.

“We were on a high after a successful show, and I told my boss at the time, Calum, that we should try and crack America. We picked things up the following week and haven’t looked back since.

“After it was decided we’d be heading over to the US and Canada, we spent hour upon hour researching the market and connecting with experts to understand how we’d need to adapt. We’ve put in the hard yards and we’re now actively guiding clients through the process.”

To mark the launch, the company released a free guide on how to start a glamping business, which they hope prospective site owners will use as a starting point when entering the glamping site start-up process.

Mr Purslow added: “There are so many steps to starting a glamping business, particularly in the US and Canada, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

“That’s why it’s important to have a blueprint from day one, which we’ve hopefully provided with our piece on how to start a glamping business. From there, you can work with glamping consultants like ourselves to make sure you’re following all the right procedures.”

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