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Labour urges Tory MPs to back no confidence vote

Keir Starmer
Sir Keir Starmer: the Tories have failed to act, so we will

Labour is urging disgruntled Tory MPs to back its no confidence motion in the Prime Minister in a bid to force Boris Johnson out of office immediately.

Sir Keir Starmer is hoping the vote goes ahead tomorrow but it requires the support of a significant number of Tory backbenchers for it to get through.

By convention when the official Opposition requests a confidence vote the government allows time for one at the earliest possible opportunity. 

“The Tory party has at last concluded that the Prime Minister is unfit for office, that was blindingly obvious a very, very long time ago. He is leaving because his own party has concluded that he can’t be trusted,” said the Labour leader.

“They can’t now let him cling on for weeks, and weeks, and weeks until the 5 September. It would be intolerable for the country.

“Since the Tories have failed to act in the national interest, Labour will.”

He said he was challenging those Tory MPs who have said they cannot serve Boris Johnson ‘because you can’t trust a word the man says.’

“Can they really vote to say he should stay in power for another few weeks?” said Sir Keir.

“We’re challenging them to put their constituents first, and put the country first.”

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