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IoT programme secures Scottish Enterprise tie-in

STAC team and cohort

A pioneering industry-government partnership aimed at scaling up Internet of Things businesses is partnering with Scottish Enterprise and has signed up 13 more companies.

Paul Wilson, CEO of the Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC) said that working with Scottish Enterprise will see them combine forces to scale supported companies.

“Through a combination of strategic partnerships, new revenue streams and increased sponsorship from UK and international corporate partners, we are now in a position to further scale STAC in the months and years ahead,” he said. 

“Through STAC supported companies we will retain Scottish product development talent, who today almost exclusively study here, but then leave Scotland to take jobs elsewhere either in the UK or internationally.”

Ana Gallardo, team leader for entrepreneurial development at Scottish Enterprise, said: “With our new strategic partnership, we are dovetailing Scottish Enterprise assistance within the STAC programme, strengthening the overall package of help available to develop the next generation of innovative, early stage IoT companies to help grow Scotland’s economy.

“Creating a manufacturing accelerator was a key action from Scotland’s Manufacturing Recovery Plan, and we at Scottish Enterprise are proud to play a part in welcoming the second cohort of businesses to STAC.”

The 13 companies which take the total cohort at STAC to 26 are: My Perro/Eslington; Attis Fitness; Danu Robotics; Bilis/Electro-Peds; Everyware; FC Labs; MX3CS; Neurobright; Osbot; QIoT; TechQore; Nooku, and; Airspection. 

Headquartered at Skypark in Glasgow, STAC is increasing space to accommodate more than 200 desks. 

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