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AMTE Power in battery deal for EV development

Kevin Brundish
Kevin Brundish: building momentum

AMTE Power, the Thurso-based commercial battery cell manufacturer, has signed a deal to supply ultra high power cells to engineering services company MAHLE Powertrain for the next generation of electric vehicles.

AMTE Power’s cells are specifically designed to solve key challenges for high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), balancing power, weight and safety needs.

The group’s lithium ion UHP cell provides rapid charging and discharging times. All of ATME Power’s cells are made in the UK, guaranteeing security of supply and helping MPT’s EV customers comply with emerging rules of origin legislation.

This Memorandum of Understanding with MPT is the latest in a series of commercial opportunities announced by AMTE Power.

The business gave a further hint at building a gigafactory. It said it “anticipates providing a further update later this year on its manufacturing capabilities that will enable it to produce its cells in the UK at industrial scale.

Kevin Brundish, CEO, commented: “This first step towards a commercial partnership with MPT builds on a number of recent MoUs that we’ve agreed in the automotive sector.

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“We’re generating real momentum in the market as more customers recognise the value of our differentiated cell technology. This is an important step in our pathway towards commercialisation and we are looking forward to working with MPT to unlock the next generation of high-performance vehicles.”

John Hollingworth, sales and marketing director of MAHLE Powertrain commented: “Securing access to the latest in battery cell technology is key to delivering the sustained high performance our customers are looking for in their battery pack developments.

“MPT have invested in our people’s skills and developed cutting edge design, analysis and performance testing capabilities to be able to optimise the full potential of battery cells in module and pack form.

“This partnership with AMTE means that we now can push the boundaries of battery technology and feedback into the development cycle to push the boundaries even further in the future.” 

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