Ibrox income

Rangers beat £28m off-field revenue target

James Bisgrove: platform for growth

Rangers have more than doubled their pre-Covid revenues, breaking through an ambitious £28m off-field target.

James Bisgrove, the club’s commercial and marketing director, revealed the healthy income following a UK Government reception held at the Scotland Office in London to mark the club’s 150th anniversary.

The figure is a personal success for Bisgrove who was tasked with rebuilding the business as the club rebuilt from the ashes of the meltdown ten years ago.

In the years before Covid income from commercial sources was around £13-£14million but Bisgrove set out a target to double that figure at the AGM in November.

“We’re delighted to have reached that and actually exceeded it,” he said, speaking after the London event. “That gives us a real platform to move forward and grow for next season.

“We have New Edmiston House picking up pace and will be ready for the end of the year with the club museum. We’re enhancing a lot of facilities at Ibrox.

“For that commercial pillar to be forming, to be growing, it sits alongside the other pillars, the matchday revenue, season tickets sold out again in record time this season which was phenomenal. The backing this club gets is second to none. It’s really unparalleled.”

Bisgrove said the run to Seville was “remarkable on the pitch but what that allowed us to achieve off the pitch was equally important”.

“The backing this club gets is second to none. It’s unparalleled.”

Despite losing the Europa final there was the consolation of a £34million windfall and Rangers have already sold 45,000 season tickets for next year’s campaign.

It has not been all plain sailing for Bisgrove who, along with managing director Stewart Robertson and head of communications David Graham, had to overturn a controversial decision to play a friendly against Celtic in Australia.

There have also been questions around the adoption of NFT and cryptocurrency partners which many believe do not serve the interests of fans.

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