WASPI demands action

PM urged to comply with pension change ruling

Waspi in Linlithgow
Campaigners say the government should comply with ruling (pic: Terry Murden)

Women campaigning for compensation over changes to the state pension age have urged Boris Johnson to add their case to his list of “stuff that really matters”.

The Prime Minister said he wants to move on from recent controversies such as the Downing Street parties and questions over his leadership, and focus on issues of concern to the British public.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign represents women born in the 1950s who want Mr Johnson to comply with a ruling by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).

It found that the Department for Work and Pensions was guilty of maladministration in raising the state pension age at short notice.  Some women received only 12 months’ notice of a six-year delay to their retirement.

“The Prime Minister now says he wants to ‘move on and focus on the stuff that really matters,” said campaign chair Angela Madden.  “A serious part of that should now be to resolve this years-long injustice to women born in the 1950s. 

“The Ombudsman is quite clear that there is nothing to stop government awarding fair, fast compensation now.”

WASPI has been campaigning for seven years for compensation for the mistakes made.  Ministers refuse to discuss the issue with campaigners, claiming the Ombudsman must do more work first. 

Research commissioned this year by WASPI showed that 220,000 women will have died by the end of this year while waiting for justice.

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Ms Madden said: “We have had months and months of infighting from this government, and all the while they refuse to meet with our campaign. 

“If Boris Johnson is serious about making a difference for this country, he should now be asking his ministers to listen to the 3.6m women affected by DWP maladministration. 

“The first step is to sit down with us and talk about a resolution.  That’s something the Prime Minister could make happen this week if he chose to.”

As the group chair, Ms Madden was awarded the Platinum Champion award by the Royal Voluntary Service over the Jubilee weekend. 

2 Comments to PM urged to comply with pension change ruling

  1. Pleased be fair Boris and revisit our case.
    I am 67 this year worked a further six yrs to receive my pension . Not a benefit but a scheme I have paid into from 15 yrs of age .
    No breaks in employment paid full stamp for 50 yrs . Daylight robbery

  2. I am one of the 50 woman who has to wait until i am 66 why didn’t mr Johnson bring the mens age to the same as the women i cant go to work because of my illness and i am on u.c its not a of of money each month i hope mr Johnson listen to you thank you so much for help help us women who cant do any thing some of my friend passed away before they could get to 66 x

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