Net Zero conference

CBI calls for energy efficiency drive to cut bills

Tony Danker
Tony Danker: ‘people feel powerless’

CBI Director-General, Tony Danker, will today call on the Government to make “an all-out national effort” on energy efficiency to ensure no one is left “at the mercy” of global oil and gas prices.

Speaking to an audience of senior business leaders at the Science Museum in London, he will call out climate sceptics by saying “business and government must show decarbonisation is the solution, not the problem.

“We must show now how it delivers lower bills, better jobs, and brighter economic prospects”.  

The CBI points to research saying that retrofitting UK properties to improve energy efficiency could save households around £500 and cut energy costs for small and medium sized businesses by up to a quarter.

At the Achieving Net Zero Conference event, Mr Danker will urge Government to scrap its “fits and start approach” to energy efficiency, and instead find a long-term solution.  

“The war in Ukraine has made the switch to clean energy more urgent – to guarantee global security, national security and the security of every family in our country,” he will tell delegates.

“People feel powerless, some are at breaking point. Their lives at the mercy of global storms that they and even their own government have little ability to control.  While the Government’s recent support package will help ease some of the pressure, they’re clear it’s a temporary solution.

“Energy prices are likely to be higher for longer than we imagined.  Reimagining the supply side to reduce our fossil fuel use further will take years not months. This is a long-term crisis that needs a long-term solution, but people need a fix now.”

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