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Build-to-rent ‘can ease shortage of homes’

Moda Living and Lancefield Quay
Moda Living is among those providing BTR homes

Scottish Councils need to embrace investment in build-to-rent (BTR) and co-living to help address rising demand for homes, says a trade group.

Data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows that in Scotland demand for rental housing has risen by more than a third in the last three months, while supply has fallen by around 50%.

The pipeline for BTR in Edinburgh and Glasgow represents just 6.7% and 10% respectively, while in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds BTR accounts for 29.6%, 15.5% and 13.1% of current private sector households.

There is not only a gap in Scotland’s provision, it is also leading to an expectation that rents in Scotland will rise faster than elsewhere in the UK.

The UK Apartment Association (UKAA) recently launched in Scotland, and its CEO Brendan Geraghty said: “We are witnessing massive demand for a new form of housing because so many people don’t see the traditional housing market as working for them.

“But the supply just isn’t there to meet the need.

“BTR and co-living offer a tremendous opportunity for the thousands of people looking for a good place to rent, as well as councils wanting to revitalise neighbourhoods while solving the housing crisis in their area.

“Scotland is perfectly placed to look to models of living that are already popular across Europe and harness investment from organisations like pension providers to fund affordable, high-quality homes with a long-term value.”

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