Retailer returns

Former Tannadice chair launches corner shop chain

Stephen Thompson outside the new store in Alloa

Former Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson has opened the first of 30 convenience stores, promising 500 jobs across central Scotland over the next five years. 

The creation of Eddy’s Food Station marks a return to retail for Mr Thompson who set up the Morning, Noon & Night chain with his father Eddy. The 50-stores business was sold for £30 million in 2004.

Mr Thompson, who was chairman at Tannadice from 2008 to 2018, said the new Eddy’s store in Alloa will be the first of a chain of new sites and the conversion of existing convenience stores.

“This venture is an extremely exciting first leg of a long journey for Eddy’s Food Station,” he said.

“The retail industry is an industry I know and love. It’s an avenue I’ve always wanted to return to and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally happening.

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“We’re investing heavily in resources and research into our offering and services at each Eddy’s Food Station.

“Our employees are fully equipped with information and positivity, implementing an environment that will give customers the best possible experience and create a sense of community.”

John Lee, head of public affairs at the Scottish Grocers’ Federation, said: “The development of a new group of convenience stores is an indication of how strong the convenience sector is and how popular the convenience channel is with customers.

“This is a very impressive level of investment which will create significant new jobs and provide valuable services to our communities.”

Partnering with a number of Scottish food wholesalers, Eddy’s provides customers with products tailored to the Scottish market. As the chain expands, the team are eager to work with further local food and drinks producers to enhance their offering.

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