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Ferovinum in £100m whisky funding venture

Gregor Mathieson: confidence in funding model

A fintech business behind wine and spirits inventory funding platform Ferovinum has launched into the Scotch whisky industry, with an ambition to transform the way distillers, bottlers and brand owners fund their growth.

Backed by institutional capital to deploy £100 million of support for Scottish business in the next year alone, Ferovinum’s innovative technology allows companies to quickly and easily access their ‘liquid assets’, turning stock into working capital to reinvest wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Because Ferovinum is not an exchange, broker or trader, and takes no speculative interest in the value of stock on the platform, power is handed to users so they can stay in control of the process at all times.

Ferovinum was launched in 2018 and is already a partner to the English wine sector. Founders Mitchel Fowler and Daniel Gibney have now appointed Scottish drinks and hospitality veteran Gregor Mathieson to lead the Scotch whisky operation.

Mathieson is confident that Ferovinum’s flexible funding model – buying stock to release cash into businesses with a long maturation process, then selling it back to meet sales once ready for release – has never been more relevant for the Scotch whisky sector.

After a successful pilot with market-leading independent bottler Adelphi and The Glenturret, Scotland’s oldest working distillery, Mathieson believes a modern, flexible and favourable alternative to traditional bank finance is long overdue, to maximise whisky’s huge potential and help companies stay competitive in global markets.

He commented: “This is about democratising access to finance with levels of growth funding that have traditionally been out of reach for most companies, whether they’re heritage brands or one of the exciting new entrants to Scotland’s whisky market.”

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