Steady rebound

Edinburgh Airport 26% down on 2019 traffic

Edinburgh airport
Edinburgh Airport kept delays to a minimum (pic: Terry Murden)

Edinburgh Airport handled almost a million passengers in April, though this was 26% fewer than in the same month in 2019.

The total throughput of 931,522 passengers was 326,832 down on the 1,258,354 handled three years ago before the pandemic brought the airport to a virtual two-year standstill.

The airport said the latest data “marks a significant improvement in the aviation sector as numbers rebounded strongly against the same months during the pandemic”.

In April 2020, just weeks into lockdown, just 5,445 passengers travelled through the airport.

Airport managers had warned of the potential for queues last month due to the surge in demand and recruitment challenges. However, 97.1% of passengers passed through security in under 15 minutes and 90.3% in under 10 minutes.

More than 100 airport staff signed up to the Here To Help scheme which sees people from all areas of the business helping in security, check-in and other areas of the terminal during peak periods. The Increase in overtime rates and continuing onboarding of new recruits was also credited with performance levels.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive, said: “It was, of course, a challenging few weeks and we are quite happy with the way the airport operation performed as it saw its busiest period in almost three years.

“A big thank you must go to our workforce and others across the campus who welcomed and greeted that challenge with gusto, and to our passengers who worked with us to prepare for their trip and showed patience and understanding throughout.

“As ever there are lessons we can learn and improvements we can make as we head into the even busier summer season.

“We would like to remind passengers that we will face some challenges and again ask them to continue to work with us by planning ahead and ensuring they know what they need to do before they get here, and we will continue to do everything we can to get them through the airport quickly and comfortably.”

Passenger numbers:


Delays at English airports

Passengers were facing more queues and frustration today after a day of chaos yesterday which saw lines for security stretch back more than a mile.

There were reports of “mayhem” at Birmingham airport in the early hours, with many warning others to allow as much as five hours to get through queues.

There were also delays for holidaymakers in Bristol, while in Manchester, one passenger told of waiting 40 minutes for the airbridge in order to disembark.

Heathrow said 97% of passengers passed through security during the busy Easter period within ten minutes.

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