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Renaissance Care reviews terms to ease staff pressures

Robert Kilgour
Robert Kilgour: remaining positive (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish care home group, Renaissance Care, has introduced more flexible working and agreed a pay rise for 1,200 employees in response to rising staff turnover across the industry.

Renaissance Care is offering staff in its 16 homes a working pattern based on their individual requirements, with office staff having the option to move to a four-day working week.

The group will also implement a minimum 5% pay increase for all staff and has committed to becoming a Scottish Living Wage Employer.

It has committed to supplying sanitary items for female staff in all of its facilities, as well as becoming a menopause-friendly workplace with plans to roll out training for staff later this year, and is ensuring an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ staff and residents.

The company will introduce a health and wellbeing package and upgrade the staff rooms. It is currently investing £500,000 on its operational management and accounting systems to improve administrative processing for all staff as it responds to feedback about time spent on paperwork throughout shifts. 

“Louise Barnett, managing director, said: “It is absolutely clear that staff retention and recruitment across the care industry is a massive issue on the back of the pandemic.

“It comes as no shock that staff, who have had an incredibly difficult two years looking after our most vulnerable in society, would consider changing careers.  .

“Operationally, the care sector has always functioned in a certain way but now, as we begin to recover from the pandemic, it is time to turn it on its head and set a high benchmark for what the industry will look like for years to come.

“We need to modernise the offering for care staff and ensure that they can remain dedicated to delivering the best quality care while having a work life balance that allows a career around family and personal life.”

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Robert Kilgour, executive chairman of Renaissance Care, has been a consistent industry voice throughout the pandemic, calling for more support for care homes across the country.

Last year, he spearheaded a group of the country’s leading care home operators who joined forces to help uncover answers to the many questions around the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland. 

He said: “The last two years have been an incredibly tough time for residents, families and hard-working team members in care homes across the country and it is important to us that we provide the best possible care and facilities for our people.

“Despite all that we have been through since the start of the pandemic, we remain very positive about the direction of the business and at the heart of our plans for recovery is our people.

“We are investing, developing and working alongside our team, ensuring that we can attract and retain the very best of talent to perpetuate a person-centred approach across each of our homes for staff, as well as residents.”

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