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Plane & Simple DIY marketplace | CarMoney move

New outlet for DIY customers

Builders merchants in the UK are getting the opportunity to branch out to a wider customer base with the launch of online DIY marketplace, Plane & Simple, the latest addition to the Donaldson Group portfolio.

Plane & Simple is currently available in three regions: Central Scotland, Devon and Cornwall, and Sussex and Kent. The long term plans for the business include expansion into the rest of the UK.

Glen Stocco, co-founder, said: “The pandemic has advanced online purchasing in all sectors, and builders merchants are no exception.”

Car finance offices

CarMoney, the rapidly expanding Scotland-based motor finance business, has moved into a 9,000 sq ft office at Eurocental to accommodate expected growth in staff numbers this year.

Managing director, Alastair Grier, said: “We need to grow staff numbers from 110 today, to some 150 or so by the end of 2022.”

CarMoney partners with some of the largest brands in automotive including eBay Motors Group, Exchange and Mart and Used Cars NI.

The company added 300 dealers to its network in 2021 and secured £782m of approved car finance from 125,000 applications.

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