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Developer’s track record attracts new investors

Jason Arden: We know the London property market inside out

A family business is getting 2022 off to a flying start by attracting new investors. Eastbank continues to be at the forefront of property development in London and is enjoying a new look website that shows the growth and evolution of this small, yet hugely successful company.

Eastbank has been developing and managing property on behalf of investors since 1984, and since then, they have consistently outperformed many other asset classes.

The company now manages up to £125m worth of property, collecting a rental income of £5m.

CEO Jason Arden is enthusiastic about what the future holds and is confident in delivering returns for potential new investors. He said: “We know the London property market inside out.

“Our expertise allows us to discover undervalued properties in areas of regeneration that we know will increase exponentially in capital value. We also know that they will deliver lucrative rental income. In short, we know which properties will give both ourselves and our investors a return on their money.”

The company has unveiled its new-look website which is sure to appeal to savvy investors looking to put money into London property.

“We have attracted investment from both private high net worth individuals and household name financial institutions, but we also invest our own capital into the projects – such is our confidence our developments.”

He added: “Having invested in our people at Eastbank, we find ourselves in a brilliant position to expand. We welcome enquiries from additional new partners looking to invest in London property.”

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