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DB Direct is a service for companies and individuals to promote their products and services, offer assets for sale, or to celebrate an award directly via the Daily Business website.

DB Direct is for promotional articles while news releases are handled by the Daily Business news desk.

DB Direct can offer assistance with writing and compiling articles, as well as the design of branding material.

Daily Business reserves the right to edit material to meet legal and editorial requirements.

Terry Murden, Editor and Director of Daily Business, said: “This is a media messaging service which gives companies and individuals the opportunity to promote their activities in their own words and with the freedom to explain their pricing and the services they offer.

“This is content that often gets discarded by newsdesks, but is of value to companies, such as the promotion of special products and services, invitations to tender, assets for sale, job vacancies, etc.

“DBdirect has been used by companies large and small as a cost-effective option, or complement, to those seeking PR services.”

Articles can include add-on options, such as branding and click-through hyperlinks to your own company website or other documents. 

What kind of articles are suitable?

– promoting a new product or service

– a celebration of an award 

– invitations to tender

– businesses, divisions, property and other assets for sale, with full particulars

– involvement in a charity, news of a donation or sponsorship

– job vacancies

Where do the articles appear?

They appear usually in the ‘DB Direct – Branded Content’ category, though some features, including profession advice columns, will appear in the Magazine section, with promotion and a link from the main Daily Business landing page.

Corporate partnership

A ‘pick n mix’ package of columns, photography services, interviews, click-through branding and PR promotion.

Phone: 07971 686038 for details.

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