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Bus depots poised to become EV charging hubs

Electric Stagecoach buses

Stagecoach electric buses have been on tour

Bus depots could be turned into electric vehicle charging hubs under plans unveiled by Scottish transport group Stagecoach and the renewable energy company SSE.

Under the plan, EV infrastructure provided by SSE to Stagecoach depots would be made available to other fleet users such as logistics companies when buses are out on the road.

Transport produced over a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions before the pandemic, with 91% coming from road transport vehicles.

The biggest contributors to this were cars and taxis, accounting for 61% of the emissions from road transport, while a total of 35% is from heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and vans.

Sam Greer, Stagecoach regional director for Scotland, said: “Electric charging infrastructure is a significant investment and there is a real opportunity to maximise the benefit of the technology by making facilities available to other fleet users, such as logistics companies.”

Kevin Welstead, EV sector director of SSE Energy Solutions, said: “We think this is a game changing idea with the potential to really accelerate Scotland’s journey to net zero.


“In Glasgow we are building the infrastructure for 150 green buses by the end of the year, and we’re keen we leave a lasting and sustainable legacy for Scotland from COP26.”

Last week, a fleet of 10 Stagecoach electric double-decker buses transported world leaders – including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, UN Secretary General António Guterres and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi – who attended the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

SSE is a major partner at COP26; and alongside the Go-Ahead group, Alexander Dennis, BYD and SWARCO Smart Charging has been using its Road to Renewables electric bus tour to showcase examples of the national effort already underway to decarbonise energy and transport.

Scottish wind powers COP26

COP26 is being powered by 100% renewable energy generated at SSE’s Griffin Wind Farm in Perthshire. 

SSE Energy Solutions is providing the power for all three COP26 permanent venues.

The company has been able to pinpoint the exact origin of the summit’s power supply because renewable energy can be traced back to specific wind farms operated by SSE Renewables.

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) is made up of five interconnected exhibition spaces, a 3,000 seat auditorium and a 14,300 capacity arena.

The campus made the switch to 100% green energy in 2020 as part of its long-term sustainability strategy. 

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