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Liplid aims to cut plastic from takeaway drinks

Lid in a cup: the new design is eco-friendly

A product development company believes it has resolved a growing plastic problem by designing a new-style lid for takeaway cups.

Every year, more than 300 billion plastic lids – 1,500,000,000 kg of plastic – are used for on-the-go drinks.

The lids leak, and even cause burns, and because they are made of plastic, the lids are harmful to the environment. They are due to be banned in the EU.

Swedish company UniCup Scandinavia has created a bio-based lid made of spruce and pine. The “liplid” is placed inside, rather than on top of, the cup and is more stable. The company also says that it makes drinking through the lid more satisfying. 

The lid is 100% recyclable and because of its design 25% less material is required for production. 

“We are in contact with major chains that are very interested in purchasing the lid,” says Jesper Berthold, CEO of UniCup Scandinavia AB, Liplid’s producer. 

Liplid is developed by UniCup Scandinavia AB in collaboration with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). The lid will be manufactured in Sweden.

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