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Brown calls out ‘broken Westminster system’

Keith Brown at 2019 SNP conf

Keith Brown: ‘delivering for the people’

SNP depute leader Keith Brown restated the case for Scottish independence today by pointing to the “broken Westminster system”.

Opening the SNP’s virtual annual conference he appealed to Scots’ belief in their ability to run their own affairs, but also to rise above the “lack of vision” among the unionist parties.

“The SNP gathers this weekend in great shape – but also with great resolve,” he said.

“The last couple of years have been challenging for all of us, and they have made us all think about what really matters in our lives.

“As a responsible government, the SNP’s first priority has been – and remains – steering Scotland safely through the pandemic.

“While the whole Westminster system is quite clearly broken beyond repair, we are focussed on delivering for the people in every corner of Scotland.

“And as we look to the future, we will urge the people of Scotland to think about what kind of country they want to live in when the pandemic is over.

“Who is best placed to make decisions affecting their lives. Who is most committed to making Scotland a fairer, more prosperous nation and tackling key issues like the climate emergency.

“We will not allow Scotland’s future to be limited by the relentless negativity, the can’t-do attitude and the complete lack of vision from the unionist parties.

“Our case for Scotland’s future is one based on optimism and ambition.

“A belief that our nation has what it takes to be a successful independent nation.

“And a belief that the people who live here can take better decisions about their lives rather than leaving Westminster in control.

“That is the case we will make in the months ahead – and that is the case which will lead us to independence.

He said: “The Scottish government is resuming its crucial work on an updated and detailed prospectus for independence.

“That new government work will be essential to help voters make their fully informed choice and we await the delivery of that new prospectus with eager anticipation.

“Meanwhile, our combined task is clear. We must bring to life our vision of a better, fairer, more sustainable Scotland.”

Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said:
“With a new opinion poll revealing that 59% of people in Scotland want to remain part of the UK, Keith Brown is hopelessly out of touch.

“He has nothing to offer but tired old rhetoric and the arguments of yesterday, while the country has moved on and is looking to the future.

“Rather than obsess about how to divide Scotland’s communities, we have a positive future ahead of us in the UK where nobody is left behind and we build a recovery for everyone.”

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