Hospital launch

Baird opens St Ellen’s with private healthcare pledge

Gill Baird: tables have turned

A self-funded hospital has opened in Scotland’s central belt with a pledge by its founder to facilitate change in the UK’s private healthcare industry.

St Ellen’s, a £5 million facility housed in a purpose-built pavilion in Livingston, is equipped to handle a surge in self-paying patients requiring a range of surgical procedures and reconstructions.

Entrepreneur Gill Baird’s cosmetic surgery business Cosmedicare will operate St Ellen’s which boasts the largest private theatre space in Scotland and a multi-disciplinary medical and management team of consultants, surgeons and practitioners. 

It aims to enable self-pay private healthcare to become accessible and affordable to the majority, without the need for private medical insurance policies. 

“It was a long-standing ambition of mine to independently own and operate a private hospital so it’s a fantastic feeling to finally be able to open,” said Ms Baird.

“In the past, I’ve been the one approaching bigger fish to facilitate new opportunities, often encountering bureaucratic constraints and limitations in relation to facilitating change. Now the tables have turned, so to speak. 

“I say this not as a point scoring comment, but as a call to action to encourage other surgical specialists to approach us with a view to discussing opportunities and ideas on how we can collaboratively improve private healthcare in Scotland for the greater good.

“We are open for business, open for discussion and open to innovation… we are the future of private healthcare in Scotland.

“It’s no longer a case of what we bring to the table. Now we are the table, which is not only flattering and empowering, but also needed to really facilitate change in the UK private healthcare industry.

“It’s been the same old boys’ club for way too long, with the same restrictive systems in place – it’s time for change.”

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