Whisky firms in peatland restoration projects

Ardmore: site of first Peatland Water Sanctuary project

Whisky firms Suntory Holdings and Beam Suntory are jointly launching a series of peatland restoration and conservation projects in Scotland.

They will invest more than £3m in 1,300 hectares of peatlands by 2030, enough to produce the same amount of peat that Beam Suntory harvests every year in making its Scotch whiskies.

Once restored and conserved, peatland naturally accumulates by 1mm per year, and that 1mm growth spread across 1,300 hectares will equate to Beam Suntory’s annual use.

Suntory and Beam Suntory will also undertake new watershed conservation projects at various locations in Scotland.

The first Peatland Water Sanctuary project is due to begin near the Ardmore distillery in November, with subsequent projects across other sites in Scotland to follow.

These projects follow their establishment of significant natural water sanctuaries in both Japan and the US. 

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