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PM urged to u-turn on carbon capture decision

Sir Ian Wood on Question Time

Sir Ian Wood: crucial issues were not considered

A group of business leaders have written to the Prime Minister calling on the UK government to reverse its decision to put a Scottish carbon capture and storage proposal on its reserve list.

The project was left off the Track 1 programme when the government announced last week that it was taking forward two rival bids from the north of England.

The Scottish initiative will be put fully into action only if one of these bids falter.

Now a group including senior figures such as Martin Gilbert and Sir Ian Wood have called for a rethink, arguing that the Scottish Acorn project offers the perfect conditions for setting up a CCS development.


The letter is signed by senior representatives of ETZ (Energy Zone), OGUK, Opportunity North East, CBI Scotland, IoD Scotland, Net Zero Technology Centre, Scottish Chambers of Commerce and Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

Oil veteran Sir Ian Wood, chairman of ETZ, said: “We remain very disappointed at the decision of the UK Government not to approve the Scottish Cluster as part of the CCS track 1 programme.

“The letter today highlights a range of crucial areas that we believe were not considered as part of the evaluation process when the cluster ‘competition’ was launched but are now in scope.

“The prioritisation of shipping, proximity of the Scottish cluster to hydrogen generation and the huge capability of direct air capture all significantly enhance the Acorn bid.

“We urge the UK Government to consider these issues carefully and add a third bid, the Scottish Cluster, to its Track 1 programme.

“Such a decision would be warmly welcomed by the Scottish business community and provide much needed acceleration to the UK’s Carbon capture programme and meeting net zero targets.

“The two successful bids are of high quality and will contribute significantly to this aim but to be serious about urgent decarbonisation, we must go faster and further.

“A third active cluster in the UK will contribute significantly to economic growth, net zero, job creation and export of products, services and expertise to other evolving industrial clusters around the world.”

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