Official opening

Growing demand for Roslin’s gene therapy treatments

Janet Downie and Ian McCubbin at the opening

A new cell and gene therapy manufacturing facility at the Edinburgh BioQuarter is expected to create more jobs than first forecast last year as demand grows for its services.

RoslinCT has hired 60 people in the past year and intends to add another 30 full-time employees before the end of 2021, taking headcount to 150 against expectations of more than 100 when it was announced last November.

The firm’s chairman Ian McCubbin formally opened the BioCube – an additional facility at its base in Little France.

It works with clients to develop and manufacture life-changing treatments for patients suffering from some of the most debilitating medical conditions. 

RoslinCT was established in 2006 as a spin-out from the Roslin Institute, which became famous internationally in 1996 for its pioneering work in cloning Dolly the sheep.

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