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COP26 can ‘showcase’ Scotland’s green agenda


Adrian Gillespie: ‘unique event programme’

COP26 will provide Scotland with a shop window to showcase innovative businesses and ideas to investors and customers around the world, says Scottish Enterprise.

The development agency is staging a series of events to throw a spotlight on Scotland as a world-class location for inspiring a greener economy.

All the events will be available to participants via a live online feed that ensures a lower carbon footprint as well as adherence to Covid 19 safety principles.

Scottish Enterprise CEO Adrian Gillespie said: “We are delighted to launch a unique event programme for COP26, during which we will showcase outstanding Scottish businesses and projects making an impact on a global scale.

“In doing so we hope to inspire others to go further and faster to achieve a net zero Scotland by 2045 and to contribute to the global effort against climate change.”

The themes in the Scottish Enterprise programme include:

Zero Emissions Transport/HDVs
Offshore Renewables, Wind and Marine
Scotland’s Green Investment Showcase
Decarbonising Heat
Circular economy (ZWS)
Green Skills
Climate Tech
Net Zero

Speakers at the various events will include Chris Stark chief executive, Committee on Climate Change; Scottish Government ministers; Orbital Marine CEO Andrew Scott and Clare Mack, the CEO of Scottish Renewables.

Further details of the business events and how to register can be found on the Scottish Enterprise website at

Speakers are being added to the programme.

As Scotland gears up for the big event, businesses have expressed frustration that they cannot make proper preparations because of a lack of clear plans from the organising authorities.

Several large financial institutions have told The Times that with two weeks to go before Cop26 they still had no certainty about what access they or clients would have, making it difficult to organise events.

There is also concern that, unlike previous climate conferences that have focused on policy, the government wanted companies to sign up to be part of Cop26, but has not made adequate provisions for them to take part alongside politicians, diplomats and other officials.

Businesses are said to be paying about £250,000 to be on panel events, or about £500,000 for access to the area intended for exhibitions and talks.

Meanwhile, free events are being organised for the public to join in a number of key debates. Details here.

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