Trade blow

Brexit and Covid blamed for plunge in exports


Britain’s overseas trade figures have fallen

Scottish exports fell by 14% in the year to June 2021 compared to the previous year – the highest in the UK.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland also saw a decline in exports – by 2.2%, 13% and 6.1% respectively.

Scotland’s imports also fell by 3.9% – with England’s decreasing by 2.3%, Wales’ by 10%. Northern Ireland’s imports rose by 3.8%.

The SNP’s International Trade spokesman Drew Hendry said: “These are devastating figures which clearly show that the warnings about Brexit and the impact it would have on trade were justified.

HM Revenue & Customs said: “The combined effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) national and international lockdown restrictions and EU exit uncertainty have all been contributing factors to the erratic nature of
recent UK and global trade.

“We encourage users to apply caution when making comparisons of trade movements over time.”

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