As Covid cases rise...

Vaccine passports to enter nightclubs and big events

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Nightclub entry will require proof of a double-vaccination

Vaccine passports will become mandatory to enter nightclubs, big music concerts and top football matches under new plans unveiled by Nicola Sturgeon.

Anyone attending indoor events with more than 500 people would have to prove they are double-jabbed.

The same ruling would apply to outdoor events with more than 4,000 people and any events with a capacity of more than 10,000.

That will include many Premiership and international football matches as well as festivals and other big gatherings.

Ms Sturgeon has proposed a full debate and vote next week on using vaccine certificates in “limited” settings.


The First Minister said the government does not “currently consider it appropriate” to introduce certificates for the hospitality industry as a whole.

But she wants Covid certification to be introduced for major gatherings later this month as rising cases indicate a need to protect the country before the winter.  

Andrew McRae, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Scotland policy chairman, said: “The introduction of vaccine certification for events venues won’t be a measure that many firms will welcome. But as opposed to the prospect of stricter restrictions, we believe the business community will accept this change.

Andrew McRae

Andrew McRae: the system must help not hinder business

“The passport system which the Scottish Government proposes to deliver needs to be user-friendly for citizens and businesses. It must help not hinder the businesses that were among the last to open their doors when restrictions were eased.

“Further, there can be no rush to extend where these so-called passports are to be used until we see how the new system works. 

“It’ll be vitally important for the public to accept these passport rules and for firms to have support from police and regulators as they enforce them.”

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association (SLTA) said the passport plan was a “threat hanging over the whole of the hospitality industry”.

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