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Over-50s targeted in bid to fill hospitality vacancies

Older worker

Older workers are already filling gaps in sectors such as DIY

Scotland’s pubs, hotels and restaurants believe a generation of ‘silver servers’ could be the answer to a staffing shortage.

The Scottish Hospitality Group, representing a number of chains, is appealing to the over-50s, with or without experience, to join the trade and help plug the huge staffing gap that is crippling the sector.

It says that with furlough ending this month, thousands of older workers could be out of a job and should consider switching to the hospitality trade.

Older workers have been recruited to other sectors, notably care, supermarkets and DIY stores and are helping ease problems exacerbated by foreign workers leaving Britain because of Brexit and Covid.

SHG has revealed its members are currently seeking to fill 500 vacancies as younger staff leave due to the strain of ongoing understaffing issues.

As the recruitment calamity reaches fever-pitch, bosses also disclosed that they are having to self-impose lockdowns at their top venues, opening fewer days during the week and reducing opening hours to prevent staff burnout.

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